Meter Locations

Key to Change Meter Locations Milwaukee Wisconsin

Helping to make change one donation at a time

Donations to Key to Change can be made at meters located throughout downtown Milwaukee or on Marquette University's campus. Online transactions can also be made here. Corporate and foundation gifts can also be made online or through our pledge form. All gifts are tax deductible.

  1. 1612 W. Wisconsin Avenue
  2. 500 W. Wisconsin Avenue
  3. 380 W. Wisconsin Avenue
  4. 275 W. Wisconsin Avenue
  5. 112 W. Wisconsin Avenue
  6. 411 E. Wisconsin Avenue
  7. 626 E. Wisconsin Avenue

Choosing the spots

Key to Change meters are positioned in high-visible areas near restaurants, stores and attractions where guests frequent most. Locations with the highest concentration of employees and residents were also taken into consideration to raise awareness of the need in our community.

National concept, one-of-a-kind design

Across the country, parking meters are being repurposed to end homelessness. Washington, D.C., Denver, Indianapolis, Detroit and many others are encouraging community giving to programs that can make a lasting impact. None have transformed the meters quite like Milwaukee though. Flux Design fabricated our key-shaped design locally.