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Give generously, give with peace of mind

Help end homelessness by supporting long-term solutions. Your gift to Key to Change can be directed to one of several initiatives, including funding the continuation of a Downtown Homeless Outreach Coordinator, subsidizing the Housing First endowment and supporting other immediate needs, such as move-in kits and rental application fees/security deposits for participants in the Housing First project. Milwaukee Downtown, BID 21, a 501(c)(3) organization, is the fiscal agent for the campaign. Your donation may be tax deductible.

Supporting Programs with your Contribution

Downtown Homeless Outreach Coordinator

With a consistent presence downtown and access to an outreach vehicle, this full-time staff person works on the front lines helping individuals get off the streets, and is a point person for other homeless-related issues.

Housing First Endowment Fund

Assist chronically homeless individuals in obtaining permanent supportive housing. Housing First vouchers are used as a first step toward stabilization and are complemented by wraparound services, such as counseling and job training.

Move-In Kits

Household essentials are needed for participants in the Housing First program. Items such as linens, furniture and cookware are supplied to help participants lead independent lifestyles.

Rental Application Fees/Security Deposits

The first step toward permanent housing is the completion of a rental application and the submission of a security deposit. Be the hero who helps individuals begin the journey toward stabilization.