Milwaukee Downtown, BID #21

Milwaukee Downtown, Business Improvement District #21 is an organization established in 1998 to support the interests of the downtown Milwaukee business community. Created through private sector leadership, Milwaukee Downtown is a management district organization that oversees 150 square blocks representing approximately 500 property owners in the center of downtown Milwaukee. The organization funds specific initiatives aimed at creating a clean, safe and friendly downtown.

Milwaukee County Housing Division

Milwaukee County Housing DivisionThe Housing Division strives to provide Milwaukee County residents in need with a safety net, decent and safe affordable housing, and a connection to opportunities improving the quality of life using available funding sources in the most equitable and efficient manner. Milwaukee County Housing Division implemented Housing First in September 2015. Housing First Milwaukee implements permanent supportive housing as a first step of recovery for chronically homeless individuals. This approach leads to taxpayer savings, better recovery outcomes, and better housing retention for Milwaukeeans who could not find success in other programs.

Marquette University

Marquette UniversityMarquette is a national, Jesuit, Catholic university located near downtown Milwaukee. As an urban university, Marquette invests substantial resources to maintain and enhance its relationships within a vibrant city and state while building and nurturing national and international relationships. Students, faculty, and staff devote more than 100,000 hours annually to community service, earning Marquette a national reputation for helping. The University's economic impact on the greater Milwaukee area is estimated at $420 million annually. Marquette contributes its unique intellectual and educational resources to the common good of all members of the community and reflects its Catholic and Jesuit character by reaching out in service, especially to the poor and less fortunate.

Milwaukee Police Department

Milwaukee Police DepartmentIn partnership with the community, the Milwaukee Police Department creates and maintains neighborhoods capable of sustaining civic life. They are committed to reducing the levels of crime, fear, and disorder through community-based, problem-oriented, and data-driven policing.

Office of the City Attorney

City of MilwaukeeSince 1846, the City Attorney has been the lawyer for the City. The City Attorney is elected to serve a four-year term, representing the City, its officials, departments, boards, commissions and other agencies, including: the Milwaukee Board of School Directors (“MBSD”), the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee (“RACM”), the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee (“HACM”), and the Neighborhood Improvement Development Corporation (“NIDC”). The Office of the City Attorney functions as a full-service law firm for the City, and has earned the respect of the legal community as being a professional, high-quality law office.

By City Charter, the Office of the City Attorney handles City litigation that includes thousands of lawsuits and administrative cases. Assistant City Attorneys litigate civil-rights cases, personal--injury actions, evictions razing cases, labor grievances, contract and construction cases, as well as condemnation and real estate matters. By charter, the office also provides legal advice and opinions to its clients, prepares and reviews City ordinances, resolutions, and opinions, drafts contracts and other legal documents that are required in conducting the business of the city, and prosecutes violations of City ordinances in Municipal Court.

Office of the District Attorney

Milwaukee County District Attorney's OfficeThe mission of the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office is to promote public peace and safety by just and vigorous prosecution; to seek and to do impartial justice by ensuring that the guilty are punished and the innocent go free; to protect the health and welfare of children who are victims of child abuse and neglect; and to safeguard the rule of law and to promote citizens' participation in law enforcement by treating all persons who come in contact with the criminal justice system with fairness, dignity, and respect.

The District Attorney of Milwaukee County is assisted directly by five deputy district attorneys. In addition, the legal staff is composed of approximately 125 assistant district attorneys, all of whom represent the State of Wisconsin in Milwaukee County Circuit Court, generally in connection with criminal cases. Within the office, there are a number of specialized units for offenses involving homicides, drug violations, sexual assaults, white-collar crimes, domestic violence, and consumer fraud. There are also units which prosecute felonies, misdemeanors, and offenses involving juveniles.

City of Milwaukee - Department of Public Works

City of MilwaukeeThe Milwaukee Department of Public Works (DPW) has the greatest impact of any city department on daily life in Milwaukee.

DPW contributes to the quality of life and economic development of Milwaukee in many ways. It provides the cleanest, safest water in the country; fosters the growth and beauty of our urban forest and boulevards to the envy of others around the country; and completes sewer, water and paving projects on or ahead of schedule. The department is also responsible for plowing streets during snowstorms, and providing reliable and efficient garbage and recycling collection.

In addition, DPW is responsible for the design, maintenance, and operation of streets, sidewalks, alleys, bridges, sewers, water mains, underground conduit, telecommunications services, traffic signals, and street lighting for the City of Milwaukee that covers more than 95 square miles; 221 city buildings, a fleet of over 1,500 vehicles, 476 acres of boulevards and green space, and 200,000 street trees.

Neighborhood Organizations

Business Improvement District #2

Brewery District
Westown Association Downtown Milwaukee